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MIDI Mapper and Filter
by Molten Voltage


OSMOSIS™ is a simple-to-use but incredibly powerful MIDI Mapper and Filter for your PedalBoard or MIDI-controlled system.

OSMOSIS responds to MIDI Program Changes by immediately sending out up to 5 additional Program Changes as well as 16 Control Change or Note On messages all on separate MIDI Channels.  OSMOSIS can also actively filter various types of incoming MIDI data, re-map an expression controller, and rectify running status data.


OSMOSIS works with any MIDI controller.


Remapping your MIDI presets and Filtering unwanted data has never been easier!



Why use OSMOSIS?

OSMOSIS is designed to enhance an existing MIDI system.


.:. MIDI-enabled effects and devices generally have slots where you store presets. Rather than hassling with moving presets from one location to another, use OSMOSIS to access any preset in response to a MIDI Program Change.

.:. Devices like the Digitech Whammy have their settings tied to specific MIDI Program Change numbers. Use OSMOSIS to select the Whammy setting that you want to use for a particular program.

.:. Still other devices like Moog's MIDI-enabled MoogerFooger pedals don't store presets at all, but instead accept MIDI Control Changes and Note On messages to change settings. OSMOSIS allows you to create "virtual" presets on those devices by sending out up to 16 Control Changes and Note On messages at a time. OSMOSIS also lets you quickly copy those presets from one program to another.


.:. Many effects that sync to MIDI Clock will always adjust their timing if the clock is present, but sometimes you want an independent or faster time on one pedal while having others synced to the clock. OSMOSIS lets you block MIDI clock for individual programs so you can choose when a particular device is synced.

.:. Lots of effects allow a MIDI expression controller to adjust particular parameters like volume or timing in real-time, but having separate controllers assigned to different pedals is horribly inefficient. OSMOSIS lets you map a single expression controller to the pedal and parameter of your choice for each individual program.

.:. A number of newer MIDI-enabled effects use MIDI Bank Select commands to allow more than the standard 128 presets. For example the Eventide H9 uses 512 presets. OSMOSIS allows you to easily access those additional presets in response to the basic 128 MIDI Program Changes.

.:. Some MIDI devices send information in "Running Status" format to save bandwidth, but virtually no guitar effects respond to messages in that format. OSMOSIS automatically rectifies Running Status messages so your MIDI-enabled pedals can read them.

.:. If your guitar rig is synced to a computer DAW or synth-based MIDI system, there is a good chance that lots of MIDI information is being sent that can confuse your gear. OSMOSIS lets you selectively filter out MIDI data before it hits your pedalboard.

Key Features

A powerful, yet simple-to-use MIDI Mapper and Filter for your PedalBoard

• Greatly expands the functionality of simple MIDI Controllers

• Sends up to 5 additional Program Changes in response to each of 128 MIDI programs

• Sends up to 16 Control Change or Note on Messages in response to each of 128 MIDI programs

Re-maps your expression controller to a different controller value and MIDI channel for each program

• Seamlessly and reliably merges incoming MIDI data including MIDI Clock

• Filters incoming MIDI data of your choice

MIDI Clock filtering can be activated for individual programs

• Rectifies MIDI data received in the Running Status format

Simple to Program using SIMI, Molten Voltage’s PedalBoard MIDI Display

• Also available are a SIMI Emulator for Windows and a SIMI Emulator for Mac

Works with any MIDI Controller

• Allows access to over 16,000 MIDI bank-selected presets

• Compact design for modular PedalBoard layouts

• Solid, Professional-Grade construction, including Riveted Steel MIDI Jacks


OSMOSIS is an ideal solution for controlling Moog's MIDI-enabled audio effect "MoogerFooger" pedals including:
| MF-104M - Analog Delay | MF-104MSD - Super Delay | MF-105M MIDI MuRF | MF-108M - Cluster Flux |

MoogerFoogers do not use traditional MIDI Program Changes, but instead use Control Changes to set parameters. Because OSMOSIS can send out batches of Control Changes, "virtual" MoogerFooger presets can be created.


OSMOSIS also works great with Line 6 products | M13 Stompbox Modeler | M9 Stompbox Modeler | M5 Stompbox Modeler | that allow a limited number of MIDI-accessible presets. Here's a customer video that explains more:


Programming OSMOSIS

can be programmed quickly and easily. Take a look at this video to see how it works.

OSMOSIS requires Molten Voltage’s SIMI as its display during programming.  Once programmed, OSMOSIS runs independently, and SIMI displays custom messages in response to MIDI Program Changes.

Also available are a SIMI Emulator for Windows and a SIMI Emulator for Mac, which allow you to use your computer as the display while programming OSMOSIS.

Here's a customer video that highlights the OSMOSIS and the SIMI Emulator.


OSMOSIS is powered by standard "BOSS" type 9-volt DC, 2.1mm, 200mA min., tip negative power supply (sold separately). Current draw ~ 120mA.


Dimensions: 2.6" (66mm) Wide x 4.5" (115mm) Deep x 2.1" (54mm) Tall


Bomb-proof design ensures flawless functioning.  Road-ready MIDI Machinery™.

Hand built in Oregon, USA by Molten Voltage.


SIXY Owner's ManualOSMOSIS Owner's Manual

SIMI Emulator for Windows

SIMI Emulator for Mac

SIMI PedalBoard MIDI Display